At Dr Elizabeth Melvin Dentistry we work hard to provide the very latest dental treatment and use state of the art technology to make your treatment diagnosis as accurate as can be. OPG x-rays are special x-rays carried out on the teeth, jaws and lower face. An OPG reveals a panoramic view of the teeth, mouth and upper and lower jawbones.

What is an OPG?

An OPG provides a wide x-ray view of the lower face, so we can have a panoramic focus on the teeth on your upper and lower jaw on just one single image. It displays the position, growth and number of all your teeth, including those yet to erupt or surface. An OPG may also show us any problems with the jawbone or the TMJ (the joint that connects your jawbone to your head). We might suggest an OPG for you if we’re assessing your wisdom teeth, helping you decide on an orthodontic solution or just for a general overview of your teeth and the bone supporting them.

The OPG procedure

Before the procedure begins, we may ask you to remove glasses, jewellery and any metal objects that could obscure the images. We will ask you to stand with your face resting on a small shelf, and to gently bite on a sterile mouth piece to keep your head steady as it is important to stay as still as possible while the OPG is being taken. The procedure is quick and you will not feel any discomfort at all.

For more information about OPG x-rays and to find out if you could benefit from one, call our practice now to arrange a consultation.

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