• 01 OCT 18
    Newly released denture guidelines

    Newly released denture guidelines

    As populations age, the number of people who will need advice on best denture care will rise. New global guidelines have been developed and were announced at the World Dental Federation (FDI) World Dental Congress on September 7 to address the multitude of inconsistent and contradictory advice on the maintenance of complete dentures.

    The guidelines were developed by a global task force that included representatives from the Oral Health Foundation and King’s College London in the UK, and leading experts from Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Based on a comprehensive review and evaluation of the existing evidence and current guidance, the panel found a severe lack of clear or reliable recommendations for denture wearers. To give oral healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients well-researched advice on the best denture care, the guidelines were compiled.

    They include daily cleaning of dentures through brushing with a toothbrush or denture brush and an effective, non-abrasive denture cleanser (no dentifrice). Daily soaking in a denture-cleaning solution outside of the mouth offers extra chemical breakdown of remaining plaque and some level of disinfection. Lastly, all patients who wear removable dentures are advised not to keep their dentures in their mouths overnight, unless there are specific reasons for doing so. Overall, it is recommended that all denture wearers be enrolled in a regular recall and maintenance programme with their dental professionals.

    The project found that recommendations to both dental professionals and denture wearers varies between and within countries. The new guidelines can be obtained here.

    From: www.uk.dental-tribune.com

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