A filling is needed when decay is present in the tooth, causing cavities to appear. If a cavity is left untreated it welcomes bacteria, which in turn leads to disease and infection and can eventually cause tooth loss. At Dr Elizabeth Melvin Dentistry, your oral health is our primary concern, which is why we provide both amalgam and white fillings to combat tooth decay.

Each filling we place meets the highest possible standards and we only use the most modern materials.

Amalgam (metal) fillings

Traditional metal fillings are made from dental amalgam and have been used to treat cavities for more than 150 years. The procedure for filling a cavity with amalgam is straightforward and quick, and the durable material is designed to last for a very long time. We often use this type of filling on the back teeth and in areas that are less visible when you smile.

Metal amalgam fillings take several hours to set fully, so we advise you to avoid eating on that side of the mouth for the rest of the day following treatment.

White fillings

As well as amalgam fillings, here at Dr Elizabeth Melvin Dentistry we also provide white fillings made from dental composite.

Dental composite is a tooth-coloured resin filled with glass (silicon dioxide) and is beneficial for patients looking to maintain a natural aesthetic. Although they take longer to place than amalgam fillings, white fillings are suitable for both back and front teeth and are invisible to others when you smile.

As well as the aesthetic appeal of a white filling, another major advantage is that they are set as soon as they’re placed, so you can eat on that side of the mouth as soon as you feel hungry! As long as your oral hygiene routine is in good shape, a white filling will last for a number of years.

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