• How oral bacteria suppress protection against viral growth

    Researchers from the University of Louisville (UofL) School of Dentistry in the US and their colleagues have discovered details of how proteins produced by oral epithelial cells protect humans against viruses entering the body through the mouth.

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  • Poor oral health may increase risk of severe Covid-19 for cardiac patients

    Previous studies have linked poor oral hygiene with hyper-inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Similarly, the severity of Covid-19 has been associated with hyper-inflammatory responses.

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  • Top five “must have” design features for a child’s electric toothbrush

    Electric toothbrushes can remove up to twice as much plaque as a manual brush, so one could be seen as a good investment.

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  • Disarming a blood-clotting protein prevents gum disease in mice

    Blocking the function of a blood-clotting protein prevented bone loss from periodontal (gum) disease in mice, according to research led by scientists at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) in the USA.

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