• Dentistry study shows how ‘positive stress’ can boost tooth tissue regeneration

    Stress is typically thought of as a negative phenomenon, but researchers at Hong Kong University (HKU) Dentistry found “positive stress” that can induce good changes in tooth stem cells to make them more resistant to injury and disease.

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  • Dental biorhythm is associated with adolescent weight gain, study finds

    Research led by the University of Kent has discovered evidence of a biorhythm in human primary teeth that is associated with weight gain during adolescence.

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  • Water fluoridation: effective prevention for tooth decay and a win for the environment, research shows

    Trinity College Dublin researchers, collaborating with University College London, have demonstrated for the first time the low environmental footprint of water fluoridation compared to other preventive measures for tooth decay.

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  • Study examines link between dry mouth and dry eyes

    Though dry eye disease and xerostomia (dry mouth) have both been studied extensively independently of each other, their relationship remains relatively unexplored.

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