• 21 JUL 20
    Covid-19 update

    Covid-19 update

    At EM Dentistry our absolute priority is to protect the safety of our patients and the team in the practice.

    Therefore we would ask you not to attend:
    • If you have been in contact with a Covid -19 patient or self- isolating contact
    • Have a cough, temperature or shortness of breath.

    Attending for dental appointments:

    • Please do not arrive at the clinic until the appointed time.
    • We would ask that you use disinfectant hand sanitiser provided immediately on entering clinic.
    • You will have your temperature taken.
    • We request that patients attend unaccompanied where possible and keep personal belongings to a minimum.
    • The surgery door will remain closed during any appointments in order to prevent aerosol dispersal.
    • All payments by card preferably.

    It is routine for us to use the highest of standards of PPE and cross-infection control during normal operation of the clinic, in line with the recommendations of the Irish Dental Council.

    However, we have implemented some additional measures in order to mitigate any risk of virus transmission in the practice. As a result, there may be some delay in the way appointments are running throughout the day

    Staff handwashing will occur:

    • Before any patient examination.
    • Before dental procedures.
    • After touching surroundings and equipment without disinfection.
    • After touching the oral mucosa and dental procedures.

    As airborne droplet transmission of infection is considered the main route of spread, particularly in dental clinics and hospitals, standard barrier protection equipment is worn by our staff, includes protective eye wear, mask, gloves, face shields and protective outwear.

    We undertake effective and strict disinfection measures both in the clinic setting and public areas.

    Public areas and appliances are frequently disinfected, including door handles, chairs and desks. As always, the surgery will be disinfected between patients.

    Medical waste and disinfection of instruments will continue to be treated as per the Dental Council guidelines and normal practice.

    For now, it is business as usual and we look forward to continuing to welcome you to our practice and committing to the highest level of safety being implemented.

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