• Keeping gums healthy

    Gum disease can often lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, a person can take many steps to prevent and even reverse gum disease.

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  • Drug-filled, 3D-printed dentures could fight infections

    Many denture wearers suffer fungal infections that cause inflammation, redness and swelling in the mouth.

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  • New research uses squid ink to check for gum disease

    A new dental imaging method to examine the health of patients’ gums. A mixture of squid ink, water and cornflour is applied to the gums and examined using light and ultrasound.

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  • More sugar-free gum could save billions

    Chewing just one additional piece of sugar-free gum each day could save €3.8bn worldwide on dental expenditures from treating tooth decay, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Dentistry.

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