• Teeth help change how we view elderly people historically

    An archaeologist from the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra is looking to redefine what we know about elderly people throughout history, and dispel the myth that most people didn’t live much past 40 prior to modern medicine by examining teeth.

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  • Poor oral health increases the risks of frailty in older men

    Oral health problems are linked to frailty in older men, according to a new study. Researchers observed over 1,000 men over a three-year period and found those with poor oral health were more likely to suffer from weight loss, exhaustion and low physical activity.

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  • What causes periodontitis?

    Periodontitis occurs when the wisdom teeth do not have enough room to erupt through the gums.

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  • Link between gum disease and oesophageal cancer

    Some types of bacteria that lead to gum disease are associated with a higher risk of oesophageal cancer, an analysis has shown.

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