• Dental filling failure linked to smoking, drinking and genetics

    New research shows that people who drink alcohol or men who smoke are more likely to suffer a failed dental filling.

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  • Dental lasers could render teeth cavity resistant

    The prospect of painless cavity repair and prevention could hold wide appeal for many people. Lasers may be the answer to this according to Peter Rechmann, Prof. of Preventive and Restorative Dental Science at the University of California, San Francisco. Rechmann has spent several decades exploring the latest frontier in laser dentistry – preventing cavities

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  • Mouthwash use may increase risk of diabetes

    According to new research, mouthwash use may increase the risk of diabetes. Researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, suggest that using mouthwash at least twice a day destroys friendly oral bacteria, which can alter blood sugar metabolism and promote diabetes, particularly for people who are already high risk for the condition.

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