• When should I start taking my child to the dentist?

    A recent survey by Mintel of nearly 500 parents of children under 12 years old found that nearly half did not regularly take their children to the dentist. Only one in five thought their children needed to see a dentist once they had developed baby teeth, and only 63% of mothers and 50% of fathers ensured their children brush their teeth every day.

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  • The high cost of cut-price dentistry

    Chronic ulcers, cysts, infections, bleeding gums, cracked crowns and loose implants – just some of the hair-raising problems being reported by patients who have received cheap dental treatment abroad. “I’ve seen people with pus running down the inside of their faces,” says Anne O’Donoghue, periodontist (gum specialist) and lecturer in dentistry at Trinity College Dublin.

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  • No more fillings as scientists reveal new tooth decay treatment

    Scientists have developed a new pain-free filling that allows cavities to be repaired without drilling or injections. The tooth-rebuilding technique developed at King’s College London does away with fillings and instead encourages teeth to repair themselves.

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